SLC Punk! (1998)


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SLC Punk!

The film outlines the daily lives of two punks in Salt Lake City, Utah in the fall of 1985. Both Stevo (Matthew Lillard) and his best friend, “Heroin” Bob (Michael A. Goorjian), narrate the film. The nickname “Heroin” Bob is ironic, as Bob is afraid of needles and actually believes that any drug (with the notable exception of alcohol and cigarettes) is inherently dangerous.
Stevo and Bob live in Salt Lake City, going from party to party while living in a dilapidated apartment. They spend much of their time fighting with members of other subcultures, particularly rednecks. Stevo has a casual relationship with a girl named Sandy (Jennifer Lien), while Heroin Bob is in love with Trish (Annabeth Gish), the manager of a head shop, however he is reluctant to ask her to become his girlfriend. The two of them are shaped by their experiences with their parents. Stevo’s parents, now divorced, are former hippies who are proud of their youthful endeavors; however, Stevo is revolted by what he perceives as their “selling out”, which they lamely try to justify. Stevo’s grades are actually excellent, but when his father (Christopher McDonald) – a lawyer with a Porsche and a penchant for younger women – sends an application to Harvard Law School and Stevo is accepted; he nevertheless rejects it because of his beliefs. By contrast, Bob’s father is a paranoid, drunken wreck who mistakes his son and his friend for CIA operatives, and chases them away with a shotgun when they visit him on his birthday.


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